Refreshingly ‘real’, Roxie isn’t your cookie-cutter presenter, she brings warmth, passion, humour and above all, positivity to her presentations.


Roxie is available for the following:

  • Key-note speaker
  • MC
  • Presenter for conferences, workshops or corporate groups.

A high-level communicator, Roxie relishes the opportunity to share her story, life lessons or knowledge to help people live their best possible life, personally and in business.

Her humour has been honed over 25 years of entertaining on radio, she has an intuition for her audience and knows how to pitch her presentations to achieve maximum impact.

She can tailor a presentation to suit your needs, theme or industry or you can choose from one of her presentation topics including:

Roxie’s motivational and coaching topics:

  • Find Your Superpower – identify your true purpose and use it to lead a more fulfilling life
  • 10 Life Lessons to Live By – snappy lessons and the real message behind them to transform your life and how you live it
  • It’s All in The Way You Look at It – using NLP and reframing to turn the negatives in life to positives, just like magic!
  • Hey Universe, I’m Over Here – connect with your universe to help guide you and live the life you wish for
  • But What Do You Really Want? – learn how to tap into your inner self for the answers to life, the universe and everything (Oh…and it’s not ‘42’)

Roxie’s personal journey topics:

  • My Breast Cancer Journey – from the terror of diagnosis at 35 to finally living the best of all possible lives
  • My Best Friend, Suicide – An exploration of the sometime fragile relationship with depression and anxiety

Roxie’s Authentic Business Series (presentations or workshops):

  • The Authentic Presenter – connect with staff, clients, customers and complete strangers in a meaningful way
  • The Authentic Marketer – throw out the Marketing 101 rule book and market with passion, from the heart for amazing results
  • The Authentic Networker – make connections that are real and valuable without being annoying
  • The Authentic Business Developer – start growing business with a slow burn and then watch it skyrocket
  • The Authentic Team Member – create respectful teams who can work and together (even if they don’t like each other!)


For all speaking enquiries please contact Roxie at hello@roxiebennett.com