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25 things I Had Absolutely No Idea I Would Do

By January 21, 2019 2 Comments

You may have seen people posting their #TenYearChallenge photos across social media. I finally decided to join them, finding a photo of me at my son’s deb ball in 2008 with one from just before this Christmas.

Apart from a few signs of age, most notably the now permanent glasses, the images are strikingly similar (I really should consider a new hair style/colour!) but the journey that lay ahead for the woman on the left has made the woman on the right a world apart from the left.

Here are 25 things I had absolutely no idea I would do:

  1. Leave the corporate world and go back to radio
  2. Start my own business from home
  3. Move my business to an amazing new office (then another office then back to my home)
  4. Employ one person then six, with countless interns
  5. Build the Roxie brand and reputation
  6. Be elected to the Board of the Geelong Chamber of Commerce
  7. Travel first class to New York
  8. Cement myself as a regular on-air presenter again on Bay 93.9
  9. Watch my partner retire then not retire and then audaciously start an amazing free range egg business
  10. Watch him become terrible ill and loose not just the business, but everything he’d worked his whole life for
  11. Loose everything I’d worked my whole life for
  12. Complete the Leaders for Geelong Program
  13. See both my kids through secondary school, on to uni and amazing careers
  14. Live in 4 different house including the mansion we built together and ending up in a 3br rental around the corner from it
  15. See two step-sons married and two beautiful step-granddaughters come into the world
  16. Start yoga and meditation
  17. Start oil painting
  18. Change my business’ focus, more than once
  19. Be awarded the William Booth Medal by the Salvation Army Geelong
  20. Have nasal surgery, a shoulder reco, broken ankle and fractured knee
  21. Say goodbye to my mum and my dear uncle
  22. Bury my beloved poodle and cat
  23. Welcome an Airdale, Airdale/Kelpie and rescue cat into our life
  24. Meet hundreds of people and make some extraordinary friends
  25. Learn that life is better without the weight of lots of money


2008 Roxie had absolutely no idea that any of these things would happen, blissfully unaware of what the coming decade would bring. I wonder what she would have done if she’d known what lay ahead?

2018 Roxie is a little more battle scared but filled with gratitude for what the past decade has given her – good and bad.

What those 25 things tell me is that life is an adventure and despite your plans, hopes and dreams, ‘life’ will happen no matter what and for that, we can all be eternally grateful!

Buckle and stay tuned for what the next ten years brings!


  • Belinda says:

    This is really precious Roxie. It just goes to show that we all experience highs and lows, sometimes horrendous lows. Despite all of this you are creating incredible opportunities for others to thrive. Lots of love x

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