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Lay Your Card on the Table

By October 4, 2018 No Comments

Throughout my adult life I have regularly visited clairvoyants. Some have been amazing, others not so much. Despite a fairly long run of the latter I decided to check out a woman recommended to me by a friend.

Marlene is a clairvoyant and spiritual healer. She lives just over an hour out of Geelong in a ramshackle house that shares its block with a church (ironic?). She’s a serious woman who inherited her ‘gift’ from her family who all have the second sight. “You know you’re clairvoyant, don’t you.” is the first thing she says to me as we meet. It was a statement not a question. It’s not the first time a clairvoyant has said this to me.

We settle in for the reading and despite being determined to not give too much away about myself, I find my history and present circumstance spilling out of me. Marlene isn’t trying to sneakily draw information from me, she’s asking direct and specific questions, and this gives me the confidence to open up.

The hour reading goes quickly, it’s positive and touches on most of the areas of my life that are having an impact on me at the moment – partner, work, home. She picks up on our difficulties and assures me they are coming to an end and the sun will shine for us both.

She tells me about the bad energy that has swirled around me recently and around my partner for much longer. Marlene encourages me to daily ask the Universe to remove it and send it back from where it came and then ask for protection. This bad energy is our only worry and the only thing that could impact our happiness and success.

We finish up and I feel lighter, happier and very positive about our future. As I leave I ask if I can give her a hug – she doesn’t come across as the hugging kind but smiles and hugs me back before greeting her next client. It’s Saturday and she’s had clients back to back, all women, all of a similar age and all driving current model European cars – not sue what that says!

On the drive home I listen back to the recording of the session from my phone and determine to ask the Universe to take the bad energy away from us and send it back to where it came from but to also send with it my love and light so that those people who wish us harm or negativity might feel start to feel better about themselves and not need to focus on us.

As Marlene predicted, the negative energy has gone from around us, the sun is shining for both my partner and I and there is a lightness and happiness in our life that hasn’t been there for a very long time.

I personally believe in Marlene but even if I didn’t the $80 I paid is a small price for what really turned out to be a very positive counselling session that left me feeling great!

As the saying goes…it’s good to lay your cards on the table, it lets you view your life so you can deal with the past that’s impacting you and focus on the future.

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